Sorella believes in treasuring and celebrating every womans innate femininity.

We aim to highlight and enhance your natural beauty and sexy curves with our high quality lingerie, which provide unparalleled support, superior shaping, desired toning and overall flawlessness.

Cherish yourself with Sorella and unveil your true feminine allure. Discover, indulge in your body and love yourself entirely through our premium lingerie.


Sing Chye Heng Investment Holdings Private Limited owns an exceptional portfolio of renowned international lingerie brands including Sorella, Pierre Cardin Lingerie and Young Hearts. Founded in 1975, it is one of the leading innovators in Singapores intimate apparel industry today.

Sing Chye Heng is dedicated to designing and producing lingerie specifically for the Asian market. Equipped with our very own Research and Development arm, our talented and passionate designers and merchandisers constantly strive to achieve the pinnacle of innovation and creativity.


Sorella believes in bringing out the very best in every woman by highlighting your individual uniqueness and strengths. Our focus is on creating empowering lingerie that enhances and contours, supporting and expressing your inherent femininity and boosting your self-confidence. As such, every Sorella woman is sophisticated, delicate, confident and always at her fullest potential.

Our products are the result of detailed research and consistent communication with women to determine their needs and desires, in order for us to better tailor ourselves to your figure and lifestyle. Sorella also aims to share with women the importance of as well as how to achieve the perfect fit and increase your understanding of breast health and physical well-being.


Meaning sister in Italian, Sorella was formed with the vision of providing care for women through quality lingerie at every phase of their lives.

Embodying industry excellence for more than 30 years regionally, Sorella aspires to be recognized as a leading premium lingerie brand, redefining the concept of supremely fitted, luxuriously comfortable lingerie that will take any woman from the bedroom to the boardroom with confidence and style.

This is our vision of the Sorella woman: while she is confident and strong, she is also elegant, fully adaptable and wholly unique.


Superior support is the backbone of every successful woman.

Stemming from Sorellas philosophy: to beautify and accentuate every womans natural curves and unique beauty, our lingerie is equipped with innovative technology that lifts, tucks and sculpts, removing inches or adding them where they count. The technical combination of detailed boning, stitching and fabric components accommodate to different sizes and shapes, structuring you to your perfect fit so you feel sexier, look sleeker and benefit from great body support in the long run.

Placing comfortable, sophisticated and versatile designs at the forefront, Sorella emphasizes functionality to provide every woman with maximum uplift and the perfect fit. Designed to cater to everyday demands for comfort and support, our lingerie is tailored for every occasion, providing quality materials and leading design and technology to give every woman the perfect shape she has always dreamed of.