Company Profile

Sing Tsu Fang’s beginnings started in Singapore in 1977 as a joint venture with a Taiwanese counterpart. As knowledge of the market and consumers grew, Sorella established an independent company in Singapore and started international distribution to countries in the region.

Timeline :

  • 1982 – Malaysia
  • 1986 – Indonesia
  • 1988 – New production facilities in Asia
  • 2002 – Brunei and Vietnam


Meaning ‘sister’ in Italian, Sorella was formed with the vision of providing care for women through quality lingerie at every phase of their lives.
Embodying industry excellence for nearly 30 years regionally, Sorella aspires to be recognised as a leading premium lingerie brand, redefining the concept of supremely fitted, luxuriously comfortable lingerie that will take any woman from the bedroom to the boardroom with confidence and style.


Sorella believes every woman is unique and should be proud of her curves. This is why we focus on lingerie that enhances and contours, helping you achieve correct body support, express your femininity and boost your self-confidence.
Our products result from detailed research and communication with women to find out what you need and want, and how we can tailor better to your figure and lifestyle.
Sorella aims to share with women the importance of getting the right fit and function, the correct way to measure yourself to improve your female form through different types of lingerie, and increase your understanding of breast health and physical well-being.